About Us

Our Mission

At  CyStellar we are assembling a great team of big data specialists that are crunching large amounts of data to help data-intensive organizations to maintain their competitive advantage. When a situation is a complex mixture of objective facts and subjective beliefs, there is no way other than through logical inquiry, statistical treatment and objective intelligence for us to comprehend what is not readily apparent.
As our company name implies we believe in space exploration. Many of our team members have space related technology background. The CyStellar team realized the untapped potential of military and space-related technology for civilian and non-space related applications and concluded that our mission on Earth is not finished yet. The team postulated that by combining satellite data with airborne data and data from ground sensors, a very comprehensive and dynamic model of the underlying physical phenomena would emerge. The CyStellar team was truly excited about the potential of a platform that integrated ground, air, and space data for civilian applications. A number of potential application areas quickly emerged, and it will be our pleasure to introduce you to our application portfolio.

Meet the Founding Team

Peter Bunus

CEO & Co-Founder

Serdar Uckun

Dr. Peter Bunus has 18 years of experience in conducting research activities with the ability to bring research ideas into production and development. He enjoys acting as a liaison between sales, marketing, and technology groups to support product positioning and customer demand as part of new product development. Prior to co-founding CyStellar, Dr. Peter Bunus held an Associate Professor position in Computer Science at Linköping University Sweden and has been involved in several start-up high technology ventures as a co-founder and has been actively involved in growing their businesses. Peter has a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Linköping University.
Dr. Serdar Uckun has over 20 years of experience as a corporate executive and R&D leader for world-class organizations including NASA, Xerox PARC, and Rockwell Science Center. His interest areas include Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), diagnostics, prognostics, and machine health. Most recently, Dr. Uckun has founded CyDesign Labs to develop an innovative platform for model-based design (later acquired by ESI Group). He has degrees in Medicine (M.D., Ege University), Biomedical Engineering (M.S., Bogazici University and Ph.D., Vanderbilt University), and Computer Science (Postdoc, Stanford University). He lives in Cambridge, MA.